Hello Friends, my name is Cheryl Manning

Why am I passionate about mental wellness?

The stress from the pandemic, shutdowns, and division within our culture, past life traumas, along with the normal challenges of life and aging... my mind and body were feeling attacked. 

My hormones, my sleep, my resilience, my mood, my energy, and my digestion had all taken hits. I was doing "All The Things" to help support myself that had worked so well before (healthy eating, exercise, hydration, taking supplements, spiritual and mindset growth, etc.) but I knew I could feel better. Something was missing and I prayerfully began my search.

Then a fellow wellness guru asked me to look at the gut-brain axis approach to wellness. I wanted to know more, so I explored, researched, listened and as I dove deeper I was amazed at what I found.

I acted on these new insights and within a week or so I began to feel a shift, within 3 months I was no longer thinking about my prior areas of struggle, and within 6 months I was feeling fantastic! My level of happiness and drive to enjoy life was off the charts! 

My life is now dramatically different. No longer just surviving and putting on the "I'm fine" front for others. Now I am thriving and I'm committed to using the experience of my journey to walk alongside others. Since this transformation, I am on a mission to help others break free from their challenges by empowering them with the insight and resources that will fill them full of hope, good health, and purpose. 

I'm motivated by my personal mental and physical redemption story, the growing mental wellness difficulties in my loved ones lives, and the mental health crisis in our culture. This has captured my heart and moved me to action. I want to share the natural and effective solutions that are available to our hurting world. 

Recent statistics show:

  • More than 45% of adults experience symptoms of anxiety and depression (only 11% in 2019)
  • Number of visits to physicians offices with mental disorders as the primary diagnosis is 55.7 million
  • More than 1 in every 3 high school students has experienced persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness

Combining physical, spiritual, emotional support with natural solutions is my passion.


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Fun Facts About Me:

I drive a Jeep named "Aslan"

I carry a disco ball in my purse

My furbaby is a Cavapoo named Brook